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Best UPVC Company

With exceptionally high-quality work, you can add interest and character to any home along with instantly adding extra value. Please speak to a team member who can help and advise you on the many different options to choose from what is best for your home. With many years in the roofing industry, we know what would look best for your property and what extras would complement your roofing requirement. The Fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is fixed directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and usually supports the lower edge of the tiles’ bottom row. The fascia board also carries all the guttering. It is important to have high-quality fascia installed.

UPVC Chesham

We offer the highest quality, beautiful, and most efficient fascia in Chesham , Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, and surrounding areas. The soffit board is placed under the fascia board. It is usually the board that you see most from street level. It is understandable to have a beautiful and high-quality soffit board – a guarantee we give. The soffit can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Fascia’s and Soffits installations also help improve the appearance of your home. They also raise your home’s value and play a crucial role in protecting your home from damage. We provide new and innovative methods to suit your needs. Our Chesham team is your number one choice for high-quality installers and high-performance UPVC, FASCIAS, and SOFFITS.

UPVC Repair Company

uPVC is a resistant form of PVC that is often used for pipework and window frames. uPVC is the perfect material to be used for window frames. It provides the highest level of thermal comfort; it is extremely durable and long-lasting. We offer the highest quality of workmanship to ensure amazing, reliable, and beautiful results. Some of the benefits of uPVC are:

• Low cost – it is considerably cheaper than aluminum and timber. Important note: prices may vary depending on the quality and features of the windows
• Low maintenance – The material requires very little maintenance, other than cleaning in and around the frames a few times a year. You will not see any signs of rot or weather damage due to the material’s durable nature.
• Great performance – Due to its strength and robustness, uPVC is also very reliable when it comes to your home security

To discuss your options and answer any questions, get in touch with our specialists. Give us a call now on 01494 340132, or email us at for a quote. We are happy to discuss which options are most suited to your needs and answer any questions you may have.


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